Rates 2017


Our Rates!

On-line or Remote Services $60.00/hr.

On-site services $120/hr.

Service charge only, Hardware and third party Software not included.

MrPoc services hourly rates range from $60/hr to $200/hr depending on the type of service required and client environment. The price depends on the complexity of case. The average of our normal service response time is 3 hours on-site and 2 hours for remote response.

Hourly Services require a one hour minimum and are billed in 20 minute increments.

Our regular business hours are from 9AM-5PM, please note that after business hours are from (5pm-9am, Weekends)

On-site Technical Services: (NYC)

- Regular business hours ($120/hr).
- After business hours ($150/hr).
- Emergency service calls ($150/hr).


Remote Support Services(on-line): (NEW YORK CITY)

- Regular business hours ($60/hr).
- After hours remote support($120/hr).

You must have BroadBand connectivity to the Internet(i.e. Cable Modem, ISDN, DSL or better). Payment via Paypal or Credit Card.

Programming / Software development Services(on-line): ($80/hr)

Any software development onsite will be charged at $120/hr


Business or Home Networking: (Ask for an estimate)

- Wireless Network set up.
- Network Cabling with drop ceiling.($100.00 per run)


IT Support Plans:(NYC)

Remote Support Online, by phone or email 5 hrs/month Plan:(Please, call)
Website maintenance 5 hrs/month Plan: (Please, Call)
Website maintenance 9 hrs/month Plan: (Please, Call)
Website maintenance 14 hrs/month Plan: (Please, Call)

For web development any extra hour will be billed at $45/hr and all website maintenance will be performed remotely, if you want on-site website maintenance our rates are $120/hr.